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April 01, 2004

Sweaty Armpit Moment
UPDATE 19:51 Rumor has it the incident I refer to below was an April Fool's Joke. If so I was completely taken in - April Fool's Day almost always passes me by as I've never tried to be or make a fool. I Google-cached the site and all that came up was the page - but without the graphics. And I remembered the cease and desist orders they had had from Dick Cheney's office last year. I don't read the site - probably had not been there since that Dick Cheney time. So when Discountblogger linked to it I couldn't believe it. It also says something that I was so willing to believe it. And as I said below, Ashcroft has been fairly benign. I'm no Ashcroft hater, but neither a lover (though to see his face in the mirror might make it worth it).
Still, if the whitehouse.org site does not pop back into place tomorrow I hereby admit I was completely had. But the diatribe was relaxing for me :)

Hereafter - SAM.

John Ashcroft's grimacing face looks back at you seconds after you type in
www.Chickenhead.com. Not surprising - until you realize that it is the company that ran www.whitehouse.org - a spoof site of the White House Web site and all the fun that goes on there.

You type either of those URLs in now and you get redirected to http://www.cybercrime.gov

Cybercrime? Yes it is. I think this may be what Richard Clarke was worried about when he referred to cyberterrorism.

Fuck You John Ashcroft. Back from surgery and ready to go at it again, huh? Giving the world SAMs. You've been stupider than Missouri barnfloor dirt but fairly benign up until now - but this kind of shit hits pretty close to home you lousy motherfucker.

You've just committed a terroristic act, according to your President's definition of the phrase - and we know how accurate he likes to be, how precise with language and its delivery. How on top of the details he is every second of the day -- oh look, armadillos.

Nobody dies, but you strike fear into anyone who doesn't seem to like your brand of politics.

Fuck you John Ashcroft. Can't wait for a new person to fill your shoes come Jan. 21, 2005. Or if the political system of this country functioned as it should - sooner. Someone who loves ALL that America stands for.

Fuck you John Ashcroft. I'm not too sure any Republican is going to love you for this. Deep down they'll hate you. They'll hate that humor can now be stiffled by an enema-loving, tightlipped, yeast infected pussy like yourself. In fact, just think what it means to future presidencies - and the career of Rush Limbaugh and his drug-addled kind in a Kerry presidency.

Type "fuck you" in the search engine at the top of the Cybercrime.gov page by the way and you get two links to the dissemination of bombmaking equipment.

Is that wise Mr. Fuck You John Ashcroft? WTF DARPA boy? It's on your site.

And what does it say that people reading this now are truly a little worried for my safety from my own government after my hateful little diatribe directed at a hateful little man whose concept of God seems to be himself - Mr. Fuck You John Ashcroft.


But campaign donations - yep, you'll fight like hell to keep that labeled free speech. Don't you John "redacted" Ashcroft? Fuck you.

Link (but nothing else here) via Discountblogger who could only manage a "shame about free speech" short post. But he's Canadian and can leave at any point. and as he says, at his site, as a gay manhe already feels like a second-class citizen thanks to people like yourself ... Mr. Ashcroft. Sir.