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April 20, 2004

There Are Evil Men in The World ...

Who other than Osama bin Laden gets rich and offers little else, in the name of God? Oh yeah - Christian evangelists (who are to Christianity what Osama bin Laden is to Islam).

When I look at Pat Robertson I see the face of evil - and it causes me great discomfort. Really. When I flick through the TBN and the other religious channels and see a call for money filtered through God's will, pancaked makeup, towering hair, greasy smiles and no attempt at being earnest, a wave of nausea hits me.

Answer me a question: How many Web sites reflect the will of God? Is that their role? Now translate that to "real life." How many churches reflect the will of God? Is there anything else they have other than this role? Why do the most visible do a piss poor job of that? The majority of churches do so much good, it is indeed humbling.

The story of Jesus Christ as a man of peace and goodwill is comforting to me and a good example to the rest of us. That he sacrificed for the sins of others is a fantasy.

Clearly, I depart from 99.99999-percent of Christian thinking on this. And because of this, I guess I'll never be saved by
Hercules, the son of Zeus Agelaus the son of Phradmon Jesus, son of Jehovah.

I'm an independent Christian. Or would be if there was such a thing. It's the man, the legend. It is ... Jesus Christ. No, wait, it's Benny Hinn, the Steve Martin who looks like an evangelist. Or is it the evangelist who looks like Steve Martin?

Compelled by a divine mandate to expand the international outreach as never before, Pastor Benny Hinn and well-known guests shared exciting news from around the globe, then gave viewers an opportunity to participate in the continuing expansion of the ministry
And his $3.5million home and $8,000 plane trips - and the lifestyle of a heathen.

So, of course:
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