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April 21, 2004

We May Soon Have a Real War President

It seems someone knows how to keep records doesn't it. There are
120 pages of records at John Kerry's site now. For those with broadband I've stuffed all the PDFs into one 15MB file. ">Here (Your Winzip should be able to unstuff a Mac-generated .sit document).

Maybe that's one of the professional differences between the Vietnam-War-era National Guard and one of the "Big Four" Armed Forces. Just one of the differences.

I'm sorry if I'm feeling some personal satisfaction here at the full release of all Kerry's military records.

He was praised up and down, right and left as a good soldier. See also AP at NYT, CNN,

Fox News - Kerry Campaign Releases Some Military Records Some. Jackasses.

He was also in the active duty Navy for four years and was ORDERED (PDF) to go home, per Navy regulations, after being injured three times.

I'll let those who will take the action they deem necessary. Though it is clear that some kind of short "I was a fool" statement is in order.

The attack machine is so quick these days. This machine included the White House spokesman Scott McCellan and VP Dick Cheney.

And Dailykos points to a certain John O' Neill (not former TreSec Paul O'Neill) going round two over a 30-year stretch to try and discredit Kerry.

I will not say what I want to say to all the detractors. But you know what I want to say.

AN ASIDE: This is the Associated Press story. The lede combines all kinds of goop, really unassociated with the NEWS of the day:
WASHINGTON -- Records of John Kerry's Vietnam War service released Wednesday show a highly praised naval officer with an Ivy League education who spoke fluent French and had raced sailboats -- the fruits of a privileged upbringing that set him apart from the typical seaman.

With Republicans questioning his service in Vietnam, the Democratic candidate for president posted more than 120 pages of military records on his campaign Web site. Several describe him as a gutsy commander undertaking a dangerous assignment in Vietnam and detail some of the actions that won three Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star and a Silver Star.

The bolded is the lede. The French and yachtsman aspects. Really? These ar ein his military records?