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May 21, 2004

The Blog Hits Pledge Drive

Jay's bitching about Oliver again (when he talks about "the wackos" in general, he lately more likely than not links to Oliver).
Incoherently, as usual.

Thankfully, Oliver this time did not post about it, himself.

Jay's comentators call him on it correctly, as usual.
JAY: If people were a little more honest about it, I wouldn't really care. However, judging by the reaction it usually brings which is most often a variation of "How dare you accuse me of such a thing!!", I know there's some truth to it because the truth hurts the most.

If I had to trade a democratic and free Iraq for a Bush presidency, I'd do it in a second. A second. I sincerely doubt Oliver et al., would do the same if they had to make the same choice with John Kerry.

... CS: .... And I think that's crap. And here's why: Considering the choice you would attribute to them, it's a VERY short trail to the following: Oliver "et al" would rather soldiers continue dying and the Iraqis continue to suffer in a broken country - the consequence of the choice above - to prevent Bush from gaining a second term. ... This hasn't come out as well as I'd hoped. I'm not trying to put any words in your mouth, but I am asking if you thought of these things when you wrote what you wrote. I hope I was clear enough.

... Jay:Is this similar to the gleeful outrage you and others showed over the Berg beheading?

Excuse me? I had ONE entry about Nick Berg and it was about the media's cop-out nonsense that our eyes were too sensitive to see it.

So exactly what 'gleeful outrage' are you talking about? Produce the evidence or STFU.

... Midderpidge:Produce evidence that you show gleeful outrage? I know there's some truth to it because the truth hurts the most. That certainly meets your standards.

...CS:And please, I don't want to hear about blowjobs and all that other crapola.

You know, every time I somehow attribute to you something you have not actually said, or infer something apparently incorrect from what you HAVE said, you've jumped all over me for "putting words in your mouth." I said NOTHING about "blowjobs and all that crapola." This is either an effort to deflect what I'm saying into "moonbat territory," or your wrong assumption of what I must have been actually thinking of. If it matters - what I was actually thinking about was all the Vince-Foster-and-40-other-people-were-murdered bullshit and Jerry Falwell's "documentary" on the subject. That wouldn't be the only example, but it's an egregious one.

If you're going to get all bent out of shape when I make this kind of mistake, then I'll ask you to police your own behavior the same way. Or at least ask me what I was thinking, as I did for you above. If that matters.

GO BLOGS, the future is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Oh Gawd. Oh no. Oh gawd. Please no.

I often wonder why commentators don't get tired of repeating themseves endlessly at one site and just stop. At some point it becomes painfully and pitifully clear that the person is not going to change their mind.

Me, I use it as grist to point to one of the lamest right-wing voices that exists in the blogosphere today (meeeeeow). One who decries the tactics of ann coulter an Rush and Hannity, witohut relaizign he is exaclt like them except he gets to swear.

All jokes have a nugget of truth. Is Jay the nugget or the joke?