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May 25, 2004

Disrespecting the Party, the Process, the Presidency

What do you notice about this photo. I'll wait. (It's a Boeing 757 by the way.)

While you're thinking, here's a thought of mine.

John Kerry even thinking about delaying accepting the party nomination will be the worst decision he's made in his candidacy. The extra money he can spend is more than offset by the bad press and the bald badness of the decision - caused by the very idea that he would make the entire convention into .. a nothing.

Caused by the very idea that it shows in naked numbers that money is the most important thing in politics. Of course, it is, unfortunately. But such a naked display is too easy to paint as money grubbing politics.

The worst public decision I think Clinton made was firing Jocelyn Elders. That has still stuck with me as such a terrible capitulation. That involved dicks too. The worst private decision, of course, was touching Monica Lewinksy and not telling her to go have a cold shower.

The poor public decisions from George Bush Sr. - I can't really think of any. But I was a teenager then and not living in this country.

update 9:53 Oliver gives
another angle of the Kerry Soul Plane.

Roger Simon has some more good reasons why delaying the nomination is "just too dumb even for politics." (link, courtesy of the The Note.) That includes the usual convention poll bounce (heck even Dukakis got a 17-point bounce apparently), which will fall flat if there's no climatic event at the end of all the speechifying.