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May 04, 2004


I'm having a real hard time 1- Finding time to blog and 2-Finding sometihing worthy of that time. More correctly, there is SO MUCH going on in the news that is upseting that there's a limit to outrage and disgust that can be transferred to a blog.

Work has also become an overflowing tide of sorrow. By that I mean a lot of local people have died in accidents or been killed or died naturally. Something about the 100-degree weather we've been having here, no doubt.

I had to look up FUBAR. I didn't know what it stood for. I found it, as you likely know it stands for - Fucked Up Beyond All Repair. That's the blood kin, of course of SNAFU - Situation Normal All Fucked Up.

It comes as no surprise for my three (?) regular readers to know that I think the situation in Iraq has been in critical and unstable condition for the last few months. So, why I should continue to post about that sometimes escapes me.

I need more people reading and disseminating the views that are different, if probably not much more enlightened, then others I see. Pax Nortona is good enough to include me each time in his weekly round-up of "good things to link to" and it informs me to read his take on what I write.

Despite that view of mine and anyway, I have great hope that our soldiers, despite confused and unimpressive and wrong leadership, can somehow pull a miracle out of thin, hot and heavy air.

It's no good saying it's the fault of other's who hate America - we also have to do something to improve that situation, because it is in our own best interest.

I want Bush to lose because he fires those who question what's he's doing, not those who point out where the country's leadership is FUBAR. I also want our soldiers to "win" if win means not being killed for a cause that seems to have evaporated; the soldiers are protecting themselves and not much else, though they have done some good along the way.

And then a few of them really go FUBAR to the max. A few hundred I'd say created and caused great humilation to Iraqi prisoners. Some of the prisoners really are in prison only because they were rounded up, not because of any specific reason. They're being questioned to see if anyone knows anything.

We better see some firings out of this or there is something really wrong with the morals of this country that vastly surpasses the moral lapse of Clinton.

See these
LA Times excerpts of the investigation.

Kevin Drum has quite a nice little post about the end of wars of conquest. America has never been known to be one to take over countries (economically ... maybe). So what's with all the right-wing blather that we need to just kill kill kill to achieve our objectives in Iraq. It's BS, BS, BS.

Even the rational right-wingers do not completely reject this idea.