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May 15, 2004

I Had A Dream

As it's the birthday of both Chazz Palminteri (58) and former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (67), I wonder what Martin Luther King Jr. would say about the going's on in the A-G prison.

Wait. What? Am I still asleep?

I did have a dream last night, and for the first time the word "Iraq" featured. My dreams are rarely based in reality. I think there's a lot of symbolism there and I am fascinated by them. They don't mean anything to world events - but they mean somethng to me. Most of the time.

Anyway, it came in the form of a news report - made up faces (As in the faces were not anyone in news today, not just pancacked.) They were talking about Iraqi prisoners being held in Germany and France.

There were a few overview shots on the TV (again. not my TV, just one that my brain created) and they looked like terraced vineyards and some looked like those hedgerow mazes at old English castles or new American tourist traps.

The report showed one prisoner squating in his doorway. He was clothed in shirt and pants, looked kinda sad to be there; resigned. Cooperative. The voiceover was explaining how they deal with prisoners. And in my dream, all they did was walk him 20 feet to the edge of a slope; a slope that had green bushes everywhere and a wall around the perimter. The wall had gaps and the prisoner was carefully led down the slope, handcuffed and in leg shackles, by a man in high desert uniform. His handcuffs were unlocked, his hands were brought close to this ring poking out of the concrete of the slope. And he was relocked there. A little awkwardly.

He lay down. I woke up.

So, just to go over that again. It's the first time the word Iraq has ever entered my dreams.