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May 12, 2004

Laura Bush backlash

Mrs. Bush, the former librarian who sometimes "let's slip" that she used to be a teacher, and who everyone likes, may have started a ripple of dissent against her.

True, she's a likable enough person if you like the older WASP sort. But she stars at the begniing of some Internet-only ads targeted at siteds where well-off white woman will go. Not too sure where those sites are, but I'll find them.

“I wanted to do it because it’s about education, which I’m interested in and is a very important issue for the country,” Laura Bush said in a telephone interview Tuesday with the AP's Ron FOURNIER. “I know what it’s like to teach. I know how difficult it is, and also how fulfilling it is.”

She dismissed critics of Bush’s education policies, saying much of the carping “sounds like excuses to me.”

This dismissal sounds like a catty thing to say. All woman, all Republican.

fournier writes later: "The Bush campaign chose to target sites viewed primarily by working, married women who make more than $35,000 a year because research has shown they are watching television less often and searching the Internet more frequently."

And also, of course, because working, married teachers don't qualify and don't have the time (a slight exageration on both counts by me, but it's at least strongly implied that this audience of richer working women is beign targeted because they won't really understand or really care about the lifes of teachers).

Among the Internet sites running the ad will by Yahoo!, Parenting, Baby Zone, Healthy Kids and Ladies Home Journal. It also will run on the sites of several local newspapers in states that are critical to Bush’s re-election bid. The campaign refused to say how much the Internet buy will cost.

Of course the most critical aspect of Kerry detractors will be that, yet gain Kerry voted for the No Child Left Behind Act, but nowe sees areas that could be improved.

This is a flip-flop, not a change due to changing circumstance to the critics. The same critics who admired for a long time the way Bush was handling the Iraq War and his "tough" stay the course policy.