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May 15, 2004

Legs Wide Open

I've been remiss in one aspect of blogging - linking to people and sites that entertain or make me think or point me to their good places. It is an important part of blogging as it helps tighen the binds of interconnectedness - except when I'm mocking them.

This is also called link-whoring. However, I consider that to be when one person makes one post and includes nine links to
Instapundit. Or includes a link to Instapundit about every other post.

Link-whoring - aknowledgements:

Freewayblogger.com. Just read an Atrios commentator who pointed me to this site. Gets signs up along popular freeways - seen by thousands until taken down - that say things like:

"The War is Over", with a silhouette of the Iraqi prisoner in a hood and linked to electic wires.

"War Is Good For the Economy Like Cannabilism is Nutritious."

"George Bush Hijacked Our Grief and Flew It Into Iraq.

And the always popular: "Worst ... President ... Ever.

See also the Iraq War Memorial Project - which has nothing to do with any of those four words, but is damn funny.

-- Pax Nortona informs his readers that Michael Berg, father of beheaded American Nick Berg, was on a Free Republic enemies/ hate list** (prior to the slaughter of his son). under the heading: "HERE IS THE ENEMY -- they have posted their names"

Now, who's the enemy again? **It's a list of people who signed an ANSWER petition.

--- Discountblogger had ... no wait, he's gone. Howard Owens pissed off as usual .. no, wait, he's gone. Now Instapundit did something useful, no, wait, he's still blogging.

--- It is not al-Zarqawi but we who repeatedly film Nick Berg's execution. Those who watch this video with an awareness of their predicament elect to participate in the unfortunate hostage's murder. al-Zarqawi smiles. We're all in this together, aren't we?. This from a thoughtfdul, though extreme piece here at Lake of Fire. Note: There is a partially obscured picture of Nick Berg's head in a photo illustration. I have to ask, is this where we want humanity to be that I had to type that sentence?

--- and it's no good me trying to rephrase Tbogg. You'll just have to go and visit. This was the post though that made me want to link him when I saw it - but I didn't then. WARNING: Leg humping featured.