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May 25, 2004

Pixar Presidency vs. On The Ground

The speech - I didn't watch. Some of the discussion afterward started to give me a reminder of the grand view that perhaps started it all. We were "guided by a vision."

This rising idealism about our goal there was balanced, sadly, by the complete fuck up it has become. and by the fact that "forced democracy" is an oxymoronic success but any oxytonal failure.

We are ostensibly there to give democracy back (?) to Iraq. But how do we do it? Suggestions. I used to think about double the number of soldiers would have a chance at doing the job - most of them would be there to do good. Others, a much smaller number, would continue to do the fighting.

But our remaining credibility is shot in that country. And if we are relying on the civilians who got us in there and destroyed that credibility to restore it again, then we are doomed.

If this is one of the most important ventures this country has ever attempted, than Kerry is better for this reason alone. He'll bring in a fresh crew. He will bring in people who have not screwed up. He may do it a different way - but he will be able to kickstart our chances again of doing what we sent out to accomplish. Or put another way - Saddam is gone. That should have started the healing and rebuilding - in overdrive. Instead we are there and we are stuck defendign and defining ourselves and occasionaly helping the Iraqi people.

I say "occasionally" because we still don't have the electricity on in most places - places that had it before. We DO have it in the Saddam palaces where he used to live and now our troops live.

One small example, but the symbolism is painful.