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May 13, 2004

Self-Denying, Confused Individuals

The beheading and the abuse of Iraqi prisoners is different, no? Trust me, it is.

This is something the right has pushed big time (while at the same time saying the left thinks it's the same and they are outraged at the outrage blah blah blah). It's something any clear-thinking American would KNOW.

Jay Caruso is one has yelled that they are different. Except now he's
pissed, pissed, pissed that the media (who he claims he's never accused of left-wing bias, but now, apparently just anti-American) will show pictures of the abuse of prisoners because it reflects badly on Americans but won't show the beheading, because it reflects badly on America's enemies*.
However, I am sick and fucking tired of the media saying that this is too graphic for a television audience. Stop it. Put up a big warning and tell people to CHANGE THE GODDAMNED CHANNEL if they don't have the stomach for it.

Of course, as Misha says, they have no problem showing image after image of Iraqi prisoners being abused by US soldiers.

To use a favored Jay word, what a fucktard. Of course, really Jay is just a Kerry sheep in wolf's clothes.

They're different, remember? One shows death. The other shows abuse. Our soldiers do not represent terrorists or terrorist ideals. Remember? The photos that apparently the SENATE and DoD now won't reveal, show torture. Anyone with a broom up their ass against their will is being tortured. If you don't think so, well, you're Tom Delay, the Republican majority leader of the Senate, who must be used to seeing this type of thing locked in a dark room at his Texas home "Rosebud."

The best part of Jay's post (in particular, in relation to his own general argument)? The best part? Jay says he won't watch because he's already pissed enough: Like the Daniel Pearl video, I am not going to watch this one either. Seeing it isn't going to do anything for me. Does this make any sense at all to the point of his post? No.

I don't want to watch either - and I haven't. But I'm not arguing that we should be allowed to. And I'm pissed at the terrorists and wish we were attacking them directly and effectively instead of wasting resources in Iraq and instead of attacking Americans who sanely and reasonably question our policies. (for those who don't do so sanely and reasonably - ignore that fringe. I do.)

* If you tell him this he'd tell you HE didn't say this, it was Misha. But Jay has linked and blockquoted significant amounts, more than approvingly.

And I'll leave the last word to Cassidy, who is headed off to Iraq (or possibly Afghanistan) later this year as a soldier. He seems to bring a sense of hope that maybe those few in the military who would think of doing this type of shit will now not have receptive soldiers willing to "follow orders" on the way to being sadist, perverted MoFos. He's a frequent commentator at North Georgia Dogma:
We know the terrorist are animals with no regard for human life. While shocking and disgusting, it is not outrageous that they would committ such a horrible act.

The US, on the other hand, is supposed to be a nation of compassionate, educated human beings who will go to war on anothers behalf for humanitarian reasons (simplified, I know). So when a small group of our own does something horrendous, then it is shocking. We are not supposed to act this way.

Lastly, don't you always expect better of yourself. Don't you always strive to improve. Collectively, as a nation we should.
Posted by Cassidy (at ClasslessWarfare.com) at May 12, 2004 09:08 AM