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May 24, 2004

What's Morality Got To Do
With The Price of Oil

We've all heard the argument - if Iraq was a big oil conspiracy by the president to get the prices down - then why are they up.

Pedro, gives us one fine example in
this comment thread (11:01 a.m.):Finally, you make the oft-quoted Bush=Oil scandal argument. If there was even a grain of truth to it, then why are oil prices skyrocketing? I mean, if Bush and his cronies are going to have all the oil, would the prices in america come down? Would'nt that help win an election for Bush?

Well, to me it seems obvious.

For Bush there are more important things than the country. Money.

More money. Even more money for he and his oil friends (in an administration packed with former oil industry executives). What better and more efficient way to make money than to create a situation that shoots the price of oil ever higher - it means more money for them for less oil.

In this FUBAR situation, if you can get your hands on Alaskan and off-shore oil - something you've tried for years and years - all the better. It means more money.

It means a comfortable life when he gets kicked out.

This is 100 percent guaranteed by 2008. Right now it's only a 59 percent likelihood that he gets booted and gets back to being the punk loser he always was. Except he'll make more money from speechifying in fornt of people with equally flawed and boneheaded outlooks on life.

However, I still find it VERY hard to believe Bush would do all this just about oil. It's more about a fatally flawed new plan for the Middle East. About a mission to save the Middle East from itself. That's it isn't it? No patience necessary. Not for this A.D.D. president.

It's a plan that sounded good - on paper - but was launched with very little purchase on reality.

Update 10:05 Dean addresses this point from a differnet angle further down in the comment thread at 12:10.