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June 23, 2004


I usually don't go around calling beautiful women (or any) idiots, but Michelle Malkin has a column up about the lack of patriotism in Hollywood (that's orginal).

She says that in World War II, Hollywood rallied around the war effort. here's two very obvious reasons for this. World War II was a much bigger war. At the time, there WERE a lot of Jews in Hollywood as heads of studios. That's not bad or good (well, OK, it's good), it's just a fact.

But she's generally talking about the actors and the films being made. Malkin has a
blog and she opened up comments to ask about favorite scenes or films.

Ms. Malkin is smart enough not to mention John Wayne (though one of her commentators calls him "the biggest patriot of them all"). But more than half her commentators cite either Schindler's List or Saving Private Ryan as their favorite war film. Kill me with a shovel, but I consider that "the modern era."

Just one example from a Donna:
I agree with your summation of Pitt,Affleck, and the "metrosexuals" of our time. Swayze is faggy, and Keanu is WHATEVER. I have always loved the old Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, even James Coburn movies. I really love the movies from the 30's and 40's, when men looked like men and acted like men.
The Manchurian Candidate was a good one. There are lot's of great old movies I just cannot pick THE one.
The all time moving movie for me, though, is SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. I fell in love with all the character and cried my eye's out each time I saw it. I think it is one of the all time best movies from top to bottom that I have seen. It, as well as thousands of others, made a great impact on me.

Also Milkin's parents let her watch a film (Back to Bataan) where there was a hanging, when she was eight.

Tom Selleck, I still watch anythng he does. I liked "Ike" a lot. They are roles ladies and gentleman - and there's talent. If you can't appreciate the performance and ignore the rest, well, you're lacking an imagination. Michael Moore's films are different because they're so overtyl political and because you';ve got to look at him throughout his films. Give me a Hitchcock cameo any day of the week.

I wasn't going to write up anything about this because Pandagon already did But Jesse didn't mention the presence of her blog and all the fun ("when was the last time Nazi groups ever tried to get WMDs?") therein. Most of the comments there are just simply stating favorite films, scenes, actors, however. One even points to a scene in the West Wing (TV). Only one mentioned "Black Hawk Down."

Another says: The best documentary made on the war and the 40's was made in 1998 by PBS entitled America in the 40's hosted by Charles Durning (He is a war hero.)


Which is all to say, her commentators say they agree with her - and then they don't.