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June 19, 2004

Jesus John, This Is Just Pathetic

I don't know who Jesus John is, but good name.

John Cole at Balloon Juice continues his unhealthy obsession with Pandagon (not seemingly paying attenton to the fact that he's got a dual obsession Jesse and Ezra)- a target he chose as not to small and not too big.

He tries to pull contridictions out of statements made many months apart - as if he never looked at all in between to see the evolving changing of the mind.

Does Cole really think no one should ever change his or her mind, based on evidence? He'll never make a jury - hopefully.

I guess I'm amazed because I first tuned into the dude when he made a quite reasoned call that he could understand why those who disagreed with Reagan for a long time, shouldn't have to strain credibility and their own beliefs just to say nice things about him now.

He seems a little schizo. Reasonable about half the time and falling off into la-la land the other half.

Also, follow this thought process, if you can (I'll highlight the "huhs"?
As it is, we launched a war based on ideology and vendetta and disengenuous keyboard hawks like you attempt to justify it based on nothing at all. (quoting somoene else)

Ahh, the chickenhawk meme again.

A.) See that milbloggers link off to the left. I did my ten years.

B.) If the military needs an overweight comm teacher, tell em where they can find me. I would gladly drop everything and go again.

C.) I will chat with you in 2014, after you have completed your ten years of military service. That way you and I will both have the military experience necessary to debate issues.

So, point C seems to make the point that the person he quoted made. No? yes.

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