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June 02, 2004

Kenneth Timmerman - Hack, deadbeat "journalist"

A few days ago Survivor Type cited an article written by Kenneth Timmerman in the comments section over at Classless Warfare.com.

At first the piece sounded contrived and made up. But he quoted it accurately. I had a little time on my hands and wrote this in response there and posted it. I post it here because my response is a day late (well aobut five days) and a dollar short there and so you can remember the hack that is Timmerman - and that some people will quote garbage to try and make a fair point.::
You call Kenneth Timmerman legit? He primarily writes for Moonie mag Insight Magazine. I give the WA Times credit every now and then - but you've got to have your head up your ass to write for Insight and maintain your soul.

I fully grant, that he has more ME knowledge than I do - it's what he does with it which is so sad.
Google Search Kenneth R. Timmerman - you get a list of right-wing demagogery.

Is this the same Timmerman who doesn't actually write his own books? That one?

I know I post this too late for ST, but you don't have an e-mail listed so I can't contact you e-mail to e-mail. I'll post it at my site, as well.

This is the start of his Web page.My latest book, The French Betrayal of America, hit #3 on Amazon.com bestseller list for non-fiction books after one week on-sale.

Read about the book at National Review On-line and on Newsmax.com

Worried about Jean-Fran├žois KERRY and what he will mean for America? the war on terror? rogue regimes such as the Islamic Republic of Iran? Read more...


In the piece you cite, the French were the good guys. Another flip-flopper, right? Or is there another explanation? Hmmm. Reconsideration of evidence, perhaps? No. Just selective amnesia. Oh - and the unsourced claims in his book.

He also wrote in Feb. 2003 (from his Web site) :Regarding a Post-Saddam Iraq, Ken's oped from today's Washington Times on what Europe will look like for France and Germany (and French and German businesses) after the stunning US-led victory in Iraq.

Though others say he wrote for Time and Newsweek, he doesn't cite those stories on his Web site at all. Links go back to 1996.

He's sponsored by the Middle East Data Project Look into that.

He also wrote a 1991 book: The Death Lobby: How the West Armed Iraq (Houghton Mifflin). You like that don't you?

This fact is listed on his bio page, which has numerous (as in most) dead links.

If you go to his articles link page here you see that he mentions that Amazon has found a cache of The Death Lobby - in August 2000, way BEFORE the book was released.

Another rank mistake. And I'm supposed to have faith in this man?

The man who on the same page has FOUR Reader's Digest articles listed, but only three linked. The one not linked? The one you cite.
Four, and yet he's a contributing editor? In other words, that's a term used for contributing writer.

A man who on the same Articles link has a section titled "Scholary Articles & Monographs."

(For the slow - the word is "scholarly"). Yes, as a matter of fact I did get quite a chuckle out of that.

A man who's Home Link at the bottom of this page goes to a site called timmerman2000.com - which is now a domain for sale.

A man who has a site where a significant portion of the links, even off the front page, are dead. And the site has not been abandoned - the French Betrayal book was released in March, 2004. The "interview" with Brit Hume was 4-20-04

I have fun on my Web site, and I'm - to a fault - willing to try and understand both sides of MOST issues, but your cite of Ken Timmerman is, without further context of the man, flawed beyond redemption.

UPDATE 15:22 ST did respond - go figure. In his defense new comments appear at the left of the site and mine stayed up there for a while - if that says anything - and so he probably has some kin do flife and wasn't just monitoring the comment for a response.

He made a lame spelling jab to discount the rest of the post and then he attempted to NOT GET IT by asking me about the Death Lobby point I made above regarding the dates of publication vs, the date when Amazon "found" a cache of books.

Turrns out he was right on the last one and I apologized for the error over at Classless Warfare, as well. My brain kept on telling me 2001 as the publication date - but it was 1991.

See also Preachers of Hate.com, Ken. T.s other mirror site, which has a few less dead links but only a few less.