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June 03, 2004

Kerry picks Gov. Locke

My long-standing point (see left column of this blog, down) about Locke as VP gets some play in, what I think is a new site:
Opinionduel.com. The NRO and the TNR writers tag team a debate and .....

.. Well, anyway, the relevant paragraphs on the question of "Who Would best Serve as John Kerry's running mate :

John Miller, National Review: What about Locke? The Cato folks aren't really huge fans of his — they point to taxpayer advocates and ballot initiatives as the real reasons for his fairly good mark. Still, he might be worth a look. Here are three quick thoughts on him. First, he'll obviously help in Washington — though if Kerry needs assistance carrying the Evergreen State, then he's got some pretty severe problems to overcome. Second, he's Asian American, which would generate a lot of hot air about breaking glass ceilings — but I also wonder if choosing him would lead to some grumbling among black and Hispanic Democrats that one of their own should have had a shot at veepdom first. Third, if Kerry picks Locke, we're in for a pun-tastic news cycle. Get it? Kerry picks Locke. Brace yourself.

Michael Crowley (Mr.), The New Republic: And damn you for naming Gary Locke, another guy, like Vilsack, whose very name glazes my eyes. (Although I have another pun opportunity for you: KERRY AIDES: LOCKE A LOCK FOR VEEP.) If you're right that the national-security test will be essential then Locke, like most governors, isn't a very serious contender. (I'd argue that a big enough charmer, like John Edwards, can overcome a lack of foreign-policy statute. But Locke isn't such a figure.)