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June 22, 2004

No Need For Gephardt In VP Slot

Democrats need Gephardt on the ticket like they need a hole in the head.

And the hole would be less painful.

One word comes to mind thinking of Gephardt as a possible VP - UNINSPIRED.

If that were to occur, another phrase comes to mind - BUSH, FOUR MORE YEARS.

Gephardt is, indeed backwards looking. Kerry doesn't need someone
just like him, to cuss like him; who just don't give a fuck like him, who dress like him; walk, talk and act like him.

Excitement is both underrated and overrated. Excitement doesn't get the job done (Bush 41 won the presidency), but in a close election you have to give people, not only a reson to vote against the other guy (voters usually come up with that themselves) but more reasons to vote FOR you. For people who aren't paying attention right off, a clip of some rousing speech can help.

Gephardt is the anti-rouse.

I think Kerry, though vain like all politicians, is really looking for someone to be able to work with, collaborate and come up with solutions - and of course someone who will deliver a state or two.

Edwards? Looking back. Some excitement - way to easy to paint the ticket as liberal northeast elite. (I know, Carolina, but still). He smarter than he looks but, Democratic voters looked at him and didn't like what they saw.

Graham? Apparently, a great mind. Enough said - he won't get the ticket. No really, he's too old, not inspiring, a bit of a kook in the personality department.

Bill Richardson (Gov-NM) - has said he'll stick around.

Janet Napalitano (Gov.AZ) - A hard fought battle to become AZ governor. It might be tempting, but at this point in her life, I don't think shge's ready to subject herself to that.

Hillary Clinton - You know what I'd love to see. Kerry stands up there at the announced press conference, Hillary Clinton is just behind him in shot, beaming, as he builds to his announcement. - and then he chooses someone else. Alternatively it would be a fun REAL choice because you'd see Republicans everwhere drop dead of heart attacks and right-wing radio hosts would not figuratively, but actually explode.

Evan Bayh. Bah. Well, actually, from Indiana, he would seem a reasonable choice. But no one knows him. That would add a small measure of excitement as the media gets to tell others what they already have well researched since his name came up early.

Vilsack was the other one, reportedly on the short list. ???????????????. I'm not looking him up , right now.

The real answer is John McCain. Naaah, just kidding. I believe it, but it's not going to happen unless Bush comes out onde day and says, "Prisoners of War? Highly overrated experience. Generally they're pussies."

Gary Locke. Won't deliver a state that's not already Kerry's. But it will be a brave and bold (heh) decision. He's Asian-american, for those not paying attention. If, as the plot goes, Kerry's already lost the south, then picking an Asian-American won't hurt the ticket (and yes, I'm accurately stereotyping here). That will draw a lot of interest - and a lot of media attention. Nice story line of Kerry fighting orientals, but now the Dem. party being able to overcome those divides. I'm under no illusion that the American people will differentiate, in their minds, between Vietnam and China. Though Gary Locke was born in America.

This picking a VP because of geopgraphical and vote-getting implications is gettign tiresome. Bush and Quayle perhaps was the last time (and that turned out so well - yes they were elected but Quayle didn't deliver anything), Clinton-Gore, both southerners. Bush-Cheney. Cheney "couldn't find" anyone else suitable for the slot, so offered himself. Pretty deliberately "incompetent" from the start, wouln't you say?