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June 26, 2004

Not Even Just Entertainment

I've heard the chant for so long that Rush is just Rush, he's bluster, he's fun he's a fun-loving guy, no need to take him seriously, hes just talking, he's ENTERTAINMENT.

I have argued that he - and his ilk - are much more than that. They are poison to the golden apple of reasoned discourse. Too many don't invest any time or resources into questioning what these guys say. Those who do are labeled liberal whackos.

Michelle "Idiot" Malkin
paints a happy face on Republican right-wing activism, in response to PJ Rourke's column about talk radio: "I Agree With Me":

So O'Rourke opines that "the number and popularity of conservative talk shows have grown apace since the Reagan Administration. The effect, as best I can measure it, is nil." Perhaps he should ask the soldiers abroad who voted overwhelmingly to put Rush on their airwaves what the impact of his show is. Or maybe he should head to Sean Hannity's Freedom Concert on July 8, which raises millions of dollars for military families. Or maybe he should meet Hugh Hewitt. Or maybe O'Rourke should use some of his frequent flyer miles and do some traveling to major metropolitan U.S. cities, where conservative talk radio offers rare relief from liberal orthodoxy--and where talk show hosts have spearheaded effective activism. KSFO in San Francisco led the Gray Davis recall brigade. KVI in Seattle was instrumental in launching the successful fight against Hillarycare and in support of an initiative abolishing government racial preferences.

Note, clearly Malkin is not an idiot and I will now stop calling her that because I'm tired of it (after the second time). Let's just say, she's not very convincing in her arguments.